Cost of Windshield Replacement

The cost of windshield replacement at A1 Autoglass is very competitive, and we strive to not only provide the best auto glass replacement service in Toronto, but we have special deals with various suppliers allowing us to give you the best possible deals for your windshield replacement.

If you’ve discovered that you’ve got a chip, crack or scratch on your windshield, then it’s possible that we’ll be able to do a low cost chip repair for you, which will be covered by your insurance provider with no excess payable if you hold a comprehensive policy and you notify us of the problem early on. If you have a small chip that’s more than 4” from the side of the window and is less than 2” in overall size and not obstructing the driver’s view then we can do a simple repair for you.

If you have more severe damage to your windshield, then we’ll have to do a full windshield replacement for you, but even a full auto glass replacement is a simple procedure for our highly trained team. We’re able to replace your windshield at one of our highly equipped windshield replacement centers in Toronto.

The replacement cost for a windshield depends on several factors, and we’ll need to gather information from you, such as your vehicle model and manufacturer so we can get the exact size and curvature for your vehicle’s specifications. We abide by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, so your windshield replacement will always be done according to the strictest of safety guidelines laid out by the main vehicle safety regulatory body.

Typically the costs of the windshield replacement will include the glass, labor time, adhesive, installation time and the cleaning. Typical costs for windshields in passenger cars are $150 to $300, $160 to $280 for SUVs, $160 to $300 for pickup trucks, and $180 to $300 for minivans. The exact costs, as mentioned before, will come down to the exact make and manufacturer of your car.

All our windshield replacement technicians are certified, and we stay within the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines using urethane adhesive to fit your windshield. Our team of technicians use gloves at all times to avoid contaminating the surfaces where the windshield touches the car with the adhesive, and we carry out substantial after-care safety checks to make sure the installation has been successful.

Since windshield replacement is such a simple procedure, and the risks of having a compromised windshield are so dangerous, we highly recommend that you do not risk the lives of yourself and your passengers by driving with damaged auto glass. The windshield is there to keep the passengers in the car and protect them in the event of a crash, and as such if it’s compromised it can’t do its job to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

If you have even the slightest crack, scratch or chip on your windshield then don’t wait for the worst to happen, give us a call now or fill in our online form to get a quote for your windshield replacement or repair.