Types of Auto Glass

The different type of glass used in modern vehicles is generally either tempered glass or laminated glass. When cars were first invented many years ago they used to use standard plate glass, but this is of course very dangerous for moving vehicles that are driving over bumps and uneven surfaces, so for safety reasons cars started using laminated and tempered glass for the front, side and rear windows.

For the front windshield we always laminated glass due to the fact that it won’t shatter when the car drives over bumps or in the event of a collision. For the side and rear windows, tempered glass is used, also for safety reasons of a different nature.

If laminated glass were to be used on all the windows in a car, then if the automobile was in an accident and the occupants were trapped inside, they would be unable to smash the glass to escape, as laminated glass is extremely durable and hard to smash under normal circumstances let alone in a situation where passengers are potentially injured and trying to escape the vehicle. Tempered glass is easier to smash, yet still reasonably durable, making it an excellent glass for the side and rear windows of a car.

Since the inception of modern auto glass, advances in chemical composition has allowed for a lot of different types of windshield glass to be possible. We have glass that’s more resistant to shattering, blocks out more UV light, prevents blinding glare, and helps insulate the car from the cold. Material costs have also come down, allowing for more advanced compositions to be possible at very competitive prices.

Some of the additional types of glass used are sheet glass and plate glass. Different situations warrant different types of glass being used, but the primary concern is always safety and functionality for the driver and the passengers. Aerodynamics is also something that’s important for cars to reduce the fuel cost, and the design of auto glass takes aerodynamics into careful consideration.

There’s a variety of additional features that can be found on modern windshields and auto glass. You can have tinted glass, defrosting features, antennas, shade bands, UV protection and sensors that activate your windshield wipers when it rains.

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It’s important that you act immediately to either replace, or repair your windshield if you encounter any cracks, chips or scratches. Even the smallest of cracks or the most innocent looking of scratches can turn into a major problem if left without attention.