Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is something that’s needed for every vehicle at some point in the lifetime of the vehicle. Windshields can become cracked, chipped or scratched in the course of daily use when debris from the road gets thrown up by cars in front and hits the windshield.

Windshields will also deteriorate over time due to factors like the sun, dirty windshield wipers and general debris from the road. There are various things you can do to help maintain your windshield and increase the lifespan so windshield replacement doesn’t need to be done as often.

Keeping your windshield wipers clean is a great way to prolong the life of your auto glass. Either invest in some windshield wiper cleaner, or if you’ve not got any then some white vinegar will work wonders. Just pour some of the white vinegar onto a clean, warm damp cloth and wipe up and down the windshield wiper, making sure you get rid of any dirt, grit and general grime that will damage your windshield.

Try not to slam the doors on your car, as slamming the doors will reduce the structural integrity of your auto glass over time. You should also only clean your car windows with a microfiber cloth, as using the wrong type of towel can cause scratches on your car windows, which over time can lead to full blown cracks in need of replacement.

Remember when you’re cleaning your car windows and mirrors to use one cloth to clean the window, and another to buff the surface. You don’t want to buff dirt and grime into your window causing damage to it. It’s also important to use a separate cloth for each window, so you’ll use one side to clean, and another side to buff, then for the next window you’ll get a fresh cloth. Doing this will not only prolong the life of your auto glass, but give you super clean, showroom quality windows.

Once your windshield does finally need replacing, it’s important that you have it replaced as soon as possible, since a damaged windshield poses a potential danger for the driver and passengers of the car. If you’re in a car crash and your windshield isn’t in good condition, then the windshield glass can shatter towards the driver and passengers causing injury in the event of a collision.

It’s also possible that the roof could come down on top of the driver and front passenger if the car collides into a solid object at speed. The windshield normally would redirect the force from the roof down through it and out away from the passengers, but if the windshield integrity is compromised then the energy from the roof will have nowhere to dissipate to, and the roof will bend forward and down crushing the driver and front passenger, or trapping them inside the car.

If you see any chips, cracks, scratches or you suspect your windshield is in need of replacement then don’t hesitate to give A1 Autoglass a call, or fill out our online web form for a quick and easy quote for windshield replacement.