Windshield Scratch Repair

The windshield is one of the most important parts of a car, not only allowing the driver to see clearly out the front, but playing a vital role in the structural integrity of the car. If the windshield becomes scratched, then the safety of the driver and passengers becomes compromised, since a windshield scratch can obstruct the view of the driver and in some cases if the sun is shining through at a certain angle the driver can be blinded, making windshield scratch repair a top priority.

Even if the scratch isn’t causing any safety concerns, it’s still an eyesore, and even a small scratch will make the best looking cars look degraded and unmaintained. A scratch will also significantly lower the value of your car, as any prospective buyers will be immediately be put off by a windshield scratch.

It is possible to repair a glass scratch yourself with a cerium oxide windshield scratch removal kit, but it can be extremely problematic unless you know exactly what you’re doing. With many of the over the counter glass repair kits it’s easy to overheat the glass, causing it to crack if the polish dries out, and additionally, a fair amount of skill is required to keep the surface consistent to prevent optical distortion.

Windshield Scratch or a Crack

The difference between a crack and a scratch can be subtle. While it’s possible to repair a small glass scratch, it’s not possible to repair if the scratch is deep, and potentially a crack, which compromises the structural integrity of the entire windshield.

A scratch that’s deep enough can worsen over time on car glass, because unlike a piece of stationary glass, a car is mobile, often driven on bumpy roads. If this is the case then it’s not possible to repair the windshield scratch, and you should get your full windshield replaced as soon as possible.

Repairing a Windshield Scratch & Safety Issues

If the scratch on your windshield is less than 2 inches in length, on the passenger side, and less than 4 inches from the side, then it’s possible to have the glass scratch repaired professionally, but under any other circumstances it’s vital that you get the windscreen replaced as soon as possible.

By ignoring a scratch or crack on your windscreen you risk both your own life and the life of any loved ones in the car if the worst should happen. Cars are designed so that in the event of an accident, the key sections of the car body surrounding the passengers take the force of the impact around the passengers, so the passengers themselves aren’t injured. When the windshield is scratched sufficiently for the structural integrity to be comprised, then upon impact the windshield will shatter, compromising the structural integrity of the entire frame of the car, and causing the frame to bend in unintended directions, potentially crushing the passengers.

Getting your windshield repaired or replaced is a simple procedure that will save you time, money and possibly even your life.