WIndhsield Stone Chip Repair

Windshield stone chip repair is something that needs to be undertaken if your glass windshield has been damaged in any way, and the auto glass has a resulting chip, crack or scratch in it. There are various options available for auto glass repair, the majority of which will be covered by your auto insurance without you having to pay any deductibles, providing you have full comprehensive insurance cover.

Glass repair is a quick, safe and easy process which can be performed on the same day by many windshield centers, where they will come out to your car, make the repair and handle the necessary paperwork for the chip repair.

The quality of windshield repairs is a primary concern, and specialists receive extensive training, both on the job and in the classroom, utilizing only the highest quality materials and resources available. Due to this we’re able to offer one of the highest quality windshield repair and replacement services in the country, offering competitive prices and a speedy, reliable service to our customers.

Just because your windshield is cracked or scratched doesn’t mean that it needs to be replaced. If the damage is more than 4” from the edge, less than 2” in size, and is on the passenger side then we’re able to repair it the same day for you. If the damage falls out of those criteria then it will require a full replacement. If you do need the full auto glass replacement our specialists will be able to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible and have you back on the road in no time.

We can handle any auto glass repair or replacement, be it the front windshield, side glass or the back windshield. The methods involved in windshield stone chip repair are something our specialists are well trained in. It’s best to have your windshield repairs done as soon as possible, as waiting too long can make it more problematic to repair our auto glass. It’s important that as soon as you detect a chip in your windscreen that you give us a phone so that we can come out and get it repaired for you.

The reason waiting for a while before getting the repair done creates problems, is that moisture and dirt can enter the crack or chip, causing it to extend so that a repair is no longer possible, and you’ll need to get a full windshield replacement. So don’t delay, as it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Our team of specialists is standing by to come out to you and do the repairs on the spot for you, saving you a tremendous amount of hassle and problems.

Windshield damage is something that affects tens of thousands of road users each year and many of them choose not to get quick repairs done leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars of wasted money each year. Make sure you’re not in that group and get your windshield stone chip repair started as soon as possible.