Replace or Repair

Should you replace, or should you repair your windshield if you have any sort of chip, scratch or crack? That’s a question that many tens of thousands of road users face every day throughout Canada. Windshield damage is very common due to bumps in the road, stone chips, gravel or vandalism. The question of whether to replace or repair is an important one because being able to repair can save you a lot of money if you tackle the problem quickly enough, since most fully comprehensive insurance policies will cover a chip repair, crack repair or scratch repair on your policy having you pay an excess.

If the damage to your auto glass is a crack, chip or scratch that’s more than 4” from the edge of the windscreen, is less than 2” in size and is not on the driver’s side, then you’ll be able to get a quick, same day repair by our team of specialists. Don’t delay in giving us a call, as if you let time pass then dirt and moisture can seep into the damaged area, causing it to turn into a larger crack, which we would not be able to repair and consequently would have to do a full windshield replacement.

The windshield is such a vital part of the car that you really shouldn’t delay in getting any problems, such as auto glass cracks, seen to as soon as possible. The windshield is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the car, and any damage to it can lead to massive safety concerns and problems in the event of a crash.

If your windshield is badly damaged then you’ll need to get a full repair regardless of the cost, otherwise you could be putting your safety, and the safety of anyone else that travels in the vehicle with you, in jeopardy. Full windshield replacement is an extremely quick and easy process when done by a high quality windshield replacement center like the one we have here in Toronto.

It is possible to repair your windshield yourself at home, and there are a variety of kits ranging from simple, to advanced that you can purchase from auto repair centers around Toronto, but for an untrained person it’s an extremely tedious and dangerous job to undertake. It’s very easy to make a mistake and end up with a windshield that has an obstructed view, which could lead to not only safety concerns, but if you were pulled over by the police you could face a fine.

It’s also possible that by attempting to repair your own glass you could not only make your windshield unusable, but we might not be able to rectify the damage and instead of a repair covered by your insurance policy, you’d end up having to have a full windshield replacement. Although your insurance will still cover the replacement of the windshield, with the full replacement you’ll be required to pay the minimum excess on your insurance policy.